Vehicle coating

Coatings of cars and entire vehicle fleets are very popular at present. Car coating is most often used as protection against damage to paint, a change of car colour or for purely advertising purposes. We also offer various implementation options for all types of vehicles.

Car paint protection

For car paint protection, Stoneprotect transparent protective film is often and effectively used which is able to protect the sensitive parts of a car from minor damage (small stones, etc). It is most often used for bumpers and sills, although it’s also possible to apply it to the whole area of a vehicle.

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Carbon film

We also offer the option of improving the look of your car, for example with styled carbon film of various design manufacture which adds a “COOL LOOK” to your car.

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Change of car colour

There’s also the option of a complete change of car colour (COLORCHANGE) or total coating of the bodywork with a colour film according to a client’s choice. This service is suitable for the colour coordination of a large car fleet or in cases where the law requires it.

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Advertising coating

The coating of a vehicle with advertising graphics remains an individual category. This generally concerns a logo, company contacts, etc. It is of course possible to use the whole area of a vehicle for your company’s advertisement and wrap it completely in film (i.e. the whole bodywork, incl. rear windows). We are flexible in this regard and will be happy to advise you.

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